Winter field manual for Colorado conservatives

The advocates of liberty and limited government in Colorado now move into a season of political winter after our wide and deep losses in the 2018 election. 

Spring will come, it always does, but we can’t just wait. We have to get ready. 

And we have to face the reality that the ground is shifting under us in this state. We can either fight the shift and go under, or ride it and rise again.

What happened? What now?

What happened? What now?

Here are a dozen ways to position ourselves tactically for policy battles and strategically for an electoral comeback.

1.  Swarm Them. Play aggressive defense. Ask daily: what can we do to them today?

2. Weary Them. Think small ball on legislation. Make them vote on wedge issues.

3. Monitor Them. Form a shadow government to push back at key officials and leaders.

4. Investigate. Dig into Democrats’ misdeeds and pursue via media and ethics bodies.

5. Litigate. Use the courts to obstruct Democrats' legislative and regulatory moves.

6. Demonstrate. Take to the streets to raise the heat & stir the base, lawfully & politely.

7. Look Like America: Think image & substance in picking GOP officers & candidates.

8. Cooperate. Seek win-win relations between Republican and Libertarian parties.

9. Broaden. Form nonpartisan issue groups to enlist independent voters to our agenda. 

10. Distance the Disrupter. Keep arm’s length from Trump’s persona while highlighting his accomplishments.

11. Define the Possible. Learn from other states where Dems held power, then lost it.

12. Know Ourselves. Are we the center-right or merely the way-right? Where is the center now? Do we really want to govern?