Clarity about this land we love: Two great gifts

Give someone these books for Christmas, and they'll thank you! 


How can each of us apply the timeless principles of America's founding to the issues of self-government in 2016?  What does it mean to be a Colorado conservative in today's new political landscape?  What would a right turn for Colorado look like?  

I wrote my latest book, Backbone Colorado USA: Dispatches from the Divide, a hundred brief essays as timely as this morning's news, to suggest some answers.  Read it straight through, or nibble it like political popcorn.  Either way, I promise you'll enjoy and value this book.

What are the ideas and ideals that make the United States of America an exceptional nation in world history and a beacon of hope in our times?  What's the antidote for fears of a declining America that's tried to have freedom on the cheap, unbought with the hard coin of personal responsibility?  How can we come back?  

My earlier book, Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen's Guide to the Next American Century, looks at all this through the lens of lessons I've learned the hard way during 40 years in politics. Its call for a citizens renewal movement transcending both parties, Element R, has a prescient ring these days with the rise of Trump. It belongs in your library!