The Ancient Fallacy: Self-Salvation


Up here in Backbone Colorado USA, we believe that unless America is a nation under God, she's not a nation at all.  Deeper still, we believe that in God's sight the nations are but small dust, for what really matters in eternity is each person made in his image and saved by his Son.

Your host, slow learner John Andrews, gradually came to see this through my early years in an unbiblical church called Christian Science and at last through my midlife conversion and baptism to follow Jesus unreservedly.  Offered here are three short writings from that journey to the Cross.

I think you will find them of interest, whether you're familiar with Christian Science or not, because the ancient fallacy of self-salvation in all its guises -- religious, political, therapeutic, technological -- seems ever more prevalent today.  Since that blinding glimpse of the obvious to which I finally came, "There is a God and I'm not Him," cannot forever be resisted by any of us, sooner is better.

Jesus in Pursuit: The Hounding of a Haughty Heart is my spiritual autobiography, tracing the steps by which an intellectually smug view of the Bible gave way to a compelling personal encounter with the crucified and risen Savior.

With You Always: The Presence of Jesus in Mary Baker Eddy's Hymns draws out the lost Christology of the founder of Christian Science from seven of her best-known devotional poems.

Mrs. Eddy's Children: A Five-Generation Portrait fictionally examines the subtle falsehoods of belief and belonging by which an unbiblical religion can grip whole families for a century, contrary evidence notwithstanding.