Bible Thursday 10/27: Red to White

Psalm 50: 1-23. "You cast my words behind you," charges God (verse 17, ESV). Is that just other people, or did I coolly ignore something from Scripture in the past 24 hours? What was it?

Isaiah 1:1-31. Of all my sins that God graciously offers to whiten, which were the reddest (verse 18)? Where do those stand now? Do he and I have unfinished business?

Jude 12-25. How committed am I to holiness as a process, a daily discipline and not just a box to check off (verses 20-21 and 24-25)?

Luke 16:10-18. Specifically and honestly (not just a Sunday School answer), what other master am I tempted to serve alongside God?  How will that impact my thoughts and actions today?

These are some of the questions I asked myself in studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide. Click and see what you think.  Where is your self-examination leading today?