Bible Friday 10/28: God's Liberality

Psalm 51:1-19. If God's grace manifested in my restoration is supposed to spread out into others' conversion (verses 12-13, KJV), how am I doing on that? Set a goal for today?

Isaiah 2:1-22. Does the hopeless man "whose breath is in his nostrils" (verse 22, KJV) represent all of us as sons and daughters of Adam (Genesis 2:7, KJV) unless rescued by the second Adam, Jesus Christ?

James 1:1-11. Rejoicing in the liberality (verse 5, KJV) of a God who gives and gives and gives, should I be more careful of letting "conservative vs. liberal" define my entire worldview?

Luke 16:19-31. Studying Scripture every day, how can I more fully heed Jesus' admonition that the Old and New Testaments (crowned by his resurrection) teach one indivisible truth (verse 31, KJV)?

These are some of the questions I asked myself in studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide. Click and see what you think.  Where is your self-examination leading today?