Bible Sunday 11/13: Belief or Brushoff?

Psalm 19:1-14. How do God's truth and love give me better security and supply than gold (verse 10)? How do they give me more pleasure and nourishment than honey? 

Isaiah 18:1-7. When God decrees in this and nearby chapters his sovereign will for lands that today are Muslim, hating Jews and Christians, do I brush it off or faithfully believe it? 

I Thessalonians 4:9-18. When God reveals here, through Paul, Christ's return and the destiny of saints living and dead, do I brush it off or faithfully believe it? How should we then live?

Luke 20:9-19. How can I dwell more fully this day, this week, in Jesus' promise of the witness we are to give and the inspiration he'll furnish when we need it (verses 12-15)?

These are some of the questions I asked myself in studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide. Click and see what you think.  Where is your self-examination leading today?