Bible Friday 2/2: Simeon Blesses Jesus

Studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide (click to subscribe), I examined myself with these questions. Where is your self-examination leading today?

Psalms 42:1-11. Verse 7, what's the deepest part of me that most people don't know, that I myself often ignore? If I lay that before God today in prayer, what might he do with it?

Jeremiah 2:1-37. Verse 13 KJV, opposite question. Do I often live in the shallows? How does that happen? What worthless broken cisterns distract me from God's living water?

Haggai 2:1-9. Verse 5, related again. Do I tend to slight the Holy Spirit because he seems more obscure than God the Father and God the Son? Praying to correct that, what form might the answer take?

Luke 2:22-40. More activity of the Spirit. Among Christians I know, who is most like Simeon and Anna, elders eminent in godliness: wise, devout, holy? What can I learn from them?

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To go deeper, see interpretive notes by Bible scholar Patrick Reardon for many of this week's readings.