Bible Tuesday 10/23: Opportunity

Studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide (click to subscribe), I examined myself with these questions. Where is your self-examination leading today?

Psalms 39:1-13. Verse 10 KJV, when did it seem I received a blow from God’s hand? How did it turn out? What did I learn? Application for today?

Nehemiah 10:1-39. Verses 28 and 30, today in Christ, unlike in those times under the Law, does God still want us to be a separate people, called out, unmixed with the world?

Galatians 6:1-10. Verse 10, what opportunity awaits me this very day to do good for someone, whether inside or outside the household of faith?

Luke 9:37-42. Verse 41, what have I recently done or failed to do that caused Jesus to be disappointed in me? How can I make it up to him?

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To go deeper, see interpretive notes by Bible scholar Patrick Reardon for many of this week's readings.