Bible Monday 12/19: What God Sees

Psalm 62:1-12. For what specific individuals in my life do I need to look past their earthly status -- be it high or low -- and see them as God does, flawed yet precious (verse 9)?

Isaiah 54:1-17. From the figurative picture of a palace or chapel God will build for me (verses 11-12), with what qualities would I have him beautify my spiritual dwelling place?

Revelation 19:11-21. What personal battles in my life right now echo the epic battle Christ wins here? What guidance and encouragement can I take from this passage?

Luke 1:1-25. When have I doubted God and suffered for it as Zacharias does here? How did the experience change me?

These are some of the questions I asked myself in studying this morning's four readings from the St. James Daily Devotional Guide. Click and see what you think.  Where is your self-examination leading today?